We assist you with the creation of your trust by written document in the form of a Settlement or Declaration of Trust.

Trusts in Mauritius are governed by the Trust Act 2001 and fall into four broad categories. A trust can only be created by an instrument in writing which should state its object, subject, intention and duties and powers of the trustees. It can be formed by a resident or non-resident of Mauritius. There is no register of Trusts in Mauritius nor is there any disclosure of beneficial ownership to any authority.



Including discretionary, accumulation and maintenance, life interest and fixed interest trusts.



Including pension and employee benefit trusts.



Solely for the benefit of charitable organisations.



Trusts with no beneficiaries that are established for purposes that are reasonable and certain.

Trusts in Mauritius have several main benefits, including confidentiality of trustee' deliberations, identity of settlor and beneficiaries, possibility to establish letters and memorandum of wishes, anti-forced heirship rules, possibility for migration of trust, and the proper law of the trust being the one chosen by the settlor, or the one expressed or implied in the trust deed.

Services include:

  • Structuring the trust in view of its purpose together with settlor and legal counsel

  • Preparation and execution of the Trust Deed

  • Appointment of Trustee(s), including Managing and Custodian Trustees

  • Opening of bank account for Trust

  • Maintaining the administration of the Trust

  • Regulatory compliance services

  • Accounting, Reporting & Tax Services

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